[Video] You Won’t Believe The Exercise Buddy This Dachshund Has

[Video] You Won’t Believe The Exercise Buddy This Dachshund Has

Dachshunds love to exercise. Nothing beats a good run, whether chasing toys around the house or rabbits in the open field. Lilly, the dachshund, knows this, and that’s why she has decided to go on a run today, even though it’s too cold to go outside. However, she has an unusual running spot and a strange exercise buddy.

Lilly is the star dachshund of this video, and her mom finds her patiently waiting on the treadmill. She wants to get her run in, and her mom can’t wait to help her.

Lilly’s off to a great start when she starts the machine, but her mom has another surprise for her – a running buddy.

Lilly is off to a great start on the treadmill when along comes her running buddy.

They are great exercise buddies, although Lilly seems to exercise more with those short little legs.

Watch how these two run on the treadmill in the video below.

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