[Video] The Mischief Dachshunds Get Up To When Left At Home Alone

[Video] The Mischief Dachshunds Get Up To When Left At Home Alone

Naughty! Naughty! The mischief dachshunds are home alone. They think it’s the perfect time to get into the kitchen trash bag leaving no stone unturned in their hunt for food.

It’s all done very methodically, taking each piece out of the kitchen probably to be examined in some special hiding place they have.

At first, it seems like only one doxie is being naughty, but it turns out that both these dachshunds have decided to turn over the trash bag to see what treasure it contains.

The second culprit is so funny how he even stood on the chair to understand better what was hidden there!

I loved watching to see what they would find next. The end scene where the ears are turned back is so cute. All the better to hear if mom is coming back.

No doubt getting into that trash bag is giving the dachshunds an interesting way to alleviate the boredom while mom is gone

I love the part where the doxie takes a scrap of paper away to his secret hiding place. I can understand taking the cans and plastic bottles, but the piece of paper is. What’s he going to do, a little light reading?

Watch what a mess mom will come home to in the video below.

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