[Video] Lucy And Sally’s Fairy Tale Rescue

[Video] Lucy And Sally’s Fairy Tale Rescue

Lucy and Sally, the abandoned dachshunds in the video below, were once in a no-kill shelter in Central California with 150 other dogs. They had no choice but to sleep on the concrete or in outdoor kennels in the summer or winter until a pet owner, whose pet had recently passed, found them online, and these two dachshunds had a fairy tale rescue.

Although they were 200 miles away, their new mom and dad traveled to pick them up and give them a forever home. Who could resist two such beautiful girls who were so obviously in need of help?

Instead of concrete, they now have many blankets to sleep on. They even have lots of toys to share. They are so happy now, and it shows in this video.

These two are lucky to have found a new home with parents who love spoiling and caring for them. Truly, a fairy tale comes true.

A fairy tale ending for two dachshund sisters who are alone in the world.

It’s always heart-warming when a kind-hearted stranger walks into a shelter and adopts one or more dogs to make them part of the family.

Watch the video below to discover what wonderful changes happened in Lucy and Sally’s life.

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