[Video] How These Two Dachshunds Say Goodnight To Each Other Is The Cutest Thing Ever

When you think of your dachshunds, what do you think of most? Is it their cute walk? The way they look when they wake you up in the morning? Or is it their incredible affection for those around them?

Any dachshund owner would tell you that doxies are the best dog breed in the world. These cuties are known for their temperament and their love for all things fun.

You know everything fun occurs in pairs, right? The same goes for dachshunds if the pair in the video on the next page are anything to go by!!

These two cuties are absolutely adorable. The moment I laid eyes on them, I just couldn’t stop staring – they really are so cute! They only get cuter once they start their bedtime ritual which happens before they go to sleep every night. They love each other so much. Too sweet!

Warning! You are about to view a video that has some extreme dachshund behavior. If you are prone to cuteness overdose then look away.

These two cuties do not go to sleep until they have said goodnight to each other with their own private ritual.

Watch the video below to see how much these two cuties love each other.

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