[Video] Dachshund Crazy On The Stairs After A Bath!

[Video] Dachshund Crazy On The Stairs After A Bath!

Dachshunds go crazy after a bath, but dachshund Scarlet in this video takes it one step further and uses the stairs to go crazy.

We’ve all seen or probably heard of dogs who go crazy when they have taken their bath. Some tear around the living room at top speed, while others make the backyard their running track for drying off.

No one knows why dogs react this way after a bath. There are many theories, but it’s unknown precisely why pups indulge in this crazy behavior. One thing is for sure; they seem to love all that crazy racing around.

Either way, the reactions that you get as you watch the numerous doxie bath videos are priceless. This next video shows a cute doxie who has just bathed and decides it’s time for a nice rubdown.

Since she doesn’t have her towel, she looks for the next best thing. I thought mom would not be happy with this being done in the house, but she seems pretty ok with it and even took the video.

Scarlet gives herself a nice rub down after a bath when her sister wants to join in on the fun and starts barking away, only for Scarlet to look up and give her a smug look of satisfaction as though to say, ‘I thought of this first so it’s mine.’

Watch the video below to see Scarlet swimming about on the stairs.

Well, that’s the most novel way I have ever seen a dog drying itself off after a bath. I wonder if she will consider newer, more novel ways to dry off after this. I think this would be hard to beat.

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